a time to build

my first day of twenty thirteen

I know that if I didn’t list down my resolutions for 2013 within my first waking day of the year then I would never get around to it. Next thing you know, it’ll be December 2013 and I would be reflecting on the year that was and could have been. Hopefully accomplishing these resolutions will mould me to become the person He wants me to be.

So here they are from the top of my head, and not in any particular order.

  • pray more
  • go to confession at least twice a month
  • learn how to ride a skateboard
  • go to New Zealand
  • go to back to Melbourne more than once
  • do some form of cardio once a day
  • laugh more
  • forgive more
  • lose 15
  • read more books
  • watch less TV shows
  • love more
  • smile more
  • clean my room – thoroughly, at least once a month
  • save, save, save
  • take more photos
  • go to dance classes
  • sign up for boxing
  • work harder
  • tell the people that i love that i love them more
  • encourage people more
  • fall in love
  • play 2 seasons of competitive basketball
  • share about my story more
  • confide in people more
  • become a Eucharist Minister
  • trust more
  • worry less
  • slowly overcome my fear of falling
  • ride a scary rollercoaster
  • confirm America 2014 Trip
  • tick off things in this list
  • add more to this list

One thought on “a time to build

  1. What a beautiful scenic pic! I want to go there now 🙂
    Thanks for inspiring me to work on my own list, I like a lot of the ones on yours!

    And btw, never doubt that He is molding you each and every day into His image and likeness ❤ All we need is a willing "yes" to allow Him to use us for His glory.

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