a time to love

It’s been a common theme in my life lately. And not just the typical 26 year old, pondering when it will finally sweep her off her feet kind of love. It’s all other kinds of love. Child-like love, brotherly/sisterly love, marriage love, neighbourly love, sacrificial love, Disney love, adventurous love, family love, generous love, sisterhood of the travelling pants love, bumping into a stranger and heyoo he’s got a nice smile kind of love (lol).

I don’t know what triggered it.
Maybe it’s because I’m currently preparing for a talk on “Loving Your Neighbour” for the next CLP. Or maybe it’s because of my niece, who fills my heart with undeniable love simply through the sound of her laughter. Maybe it’s because of that night a couple of weeks back when I was laying in bed wondering when the last time someone uttered those 3 words to me – the same 3 words that every little girl longs to hear ever since they watched their first Disney movie and attempted to comprehend what true love could be (don’t worry, my mum told me she loved me last night so I’m good :)). Maybe it’s from the recent unfortunate death of a 17 month old handsome little boy whose charm and smile reminded his family of God’s greatness within us all. Maybe it’s because of the lack of unity in my family causing it to breakdown. Maybe it’s all of it.

All of these experiences, all of these joys and hurts – I have learnt 2 things.
1. Life on Earth is way too short. It really is. It’s more than just a phrase that come to our minds when we’re about to do something spontaneous, idiotic or life changing (hashtagyolo). It is reality. Not a single human being here on earth really knows when God will say its time. Sure, a tentative estimation can be made through the means of medically advanced research. But at the end of the day, God is in control. He has planned our lives from the start and only He knows when our physical life here on Earth will end.
2. Love is defined in so many ways. Whether it be through the media, life experience, books, religions, sports and pretty much every aspect of our daily lives. However, I believe love can be simply defined in one way. Love is God and God is love. If love is patient, kind and does not envy, then God is love because God is patient, kind and does not envy. If true love sets us free then God is indeed love because He gave us the freedom and saved us from our sins. If love is “to will the good of another” (St Thomas Aquinas) then it is most certain that God is love because His will is for the good of His loved ones, us. Replace any positive annotation of “love” with God and it’s mind blowing.

So if you’re longing for love then be assured – your heart’s true desire is God.

At this very moment, whoever you are, where ever you may be and whatever it is you may be doing, I encourage you to love.
It is more than just a verb, or an adjective. Love is God and we shouldn’t deprive people of Him.

God bless my friends. I love you all.

Rest In Peace, Bien Dominic Cortez. May God grant eternal rest unto your beautiful departed soul.


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