a time to pray

One lesson I will always continue to learn is that if you care deeply about something, bring it to prayer. Offer it up to God and He will take care of it.

It seems like such an easy thing to remember but I often forget it when it comes to the silly, minor, not as significant as what’s happening in the world burdens that I carry.

Recently something heavy weighed on my heart and it’s something I thought you leave behind in high school or university days – friendship problems. It was troubling enough to keep me awake at night. Being an introvert, as much as I wanted to, I just kept it to myself which made the burden heavier than it should have been. Still, I didn’t think it was worthy of prayer because I mean, it’s silly friendship stuff.

How wrong was I. And ever since I’ve brought it to prayer, things have been improving. Praise God.

Cast all your worries upon Him because He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

With love and prayer, M.


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