a time to finish

Lately I’ve been finding myself frantically looking for my lip balm which, and I must say this is something I’m really proud of, is almost finished. And then I get overly worried about losing it, more so than I would if it was a freshly new lip balm that I had just bought. I know it sounds a little silly but I’m sure some people might understand this predicament. This is because it’s a well known (first world) achievement, that is, being able to successfully finish a tube (or tub) of lip balm without losing it. 

And it’s crazy because, this is just a silly tube of lip balm. Imagine if we cared that much about finishing other things that are more, even just a fraction more, important in life. Like, that mundane task at work, or that puzzle on your table, the drawing on your sketch pad, that painting on your easel, that essay in your laptop, that application form in your job search profile, that song in your draft box, that tv show in your Netflix account etc.

I wonder what it is that drives us to finish things. Is it because we’re always chasing that sense of achievement that promises us happiness? Or is it because we need something to show for to our family, friends and even strangers when we get asked that dreaded “So, what are you doing with your life?” question. 

And what is it that discourages us? Is it because we live in a world that permits us to discard in that bottomless “too hard” basket as much as we can? Or a world that encourages us to replace things that are broken instead of trying to fix it? Or is it because we just don’t want things to end with the fear of losing the sentiment that it comes with? (I’m personally guilty of this – when I know a tv series is over, I sometimes purposely don’t watch the last episode because I just don’t want it to end, lol)

I guess this has been on my mind lately not only because I keep losing that tube of lip balm (which I found again btw! yey!). But also because I’m very much guilty of discarding in that “too hard” basket, all. the. time. I have a few unfinished tasks that I’ve been meaning to get to (“Oh yeah, I’ll get to it!”). And finishing that tube of lip balm is something I’m holding on to because it’s so easy. But you know what they say.. “nothing in this life worth having comes easy.” I honestly believe that there are some things in life, whether easy or difficult, that needs to be finished. In order to move on to the next chapter, stage, season, painting, drawing, puzzle, task or new lip tube of lip balm, one door must close.

Two friends of mine, who I hold very close to my heart, are in their final days of finishing a chapter in their lives and sometimes I can’t help but feel the anxiety, excitement and overwhelming feeling that they’re feeling. They’ve also been on my mind lately and with a lot of regret, I haven’t been able to tell them that or been there for them to help them prepare for their next chapter as much as I want to. Maybe I’m not meant to? Who knows.. God knows.

Aaahhh life, right? It can be so overwhelming and hard. But at least there’s one thing that never fails to comfort me. As I look at this image below, taken by a very talented friend of mine, my eyes are quickly drawn to the horizon.


At this captured moment, during the first sunrise of this year, I stared into that horizon and felt comforted. Although I couldn’t help but wonder what was beyond it, I knew without a doubt that if I got on a boat and started paddling towards it, it would never end. Much like this horizon, God’s love for us is infinite. It never finishes. And that is enough. It should be enough.

Please pray for my two friends as they embark on their own separate journeys, together. May they continue to allow God to use them according to His will and desires, as they courageously step out of their comfort zones and into that horizon.


Pax et bonum, M.


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