a time to breathe

Earlier this week, through His grace, I found some stillness despite being in the central business district of Makati in Philippines. I had just finished a couple of really slow, half assed laps in our hotel pool. And before getting out to bake a few shades darker, I found solace under the shade and casually leant on the edge of pool.

With my head placed above my folded arms and the rest of my body still in the water, I heard myself breathe in. And then out.

In again. And out.

After a few seconds, I had achieved complete stillness in my mind and body. It didn’t last long because I was falling fast asleep and was awaken by the feeling of pool water rushing into my ears. Without thinking, I took a deeper breath through my nose and floated back up.

I should mention, I’m not an experienced swimmer. The “laps” I mentioned earlier weren’t accomplished with any graceful strokes. They were merely made up of a mix of dog paddling and barely surviving in the water. Hahaha. So when I realised that breathing in deeper meant I could float more, I was intrigued! I’m sure this is general knowledge to regular/professional swimmers but the science of it all was captivating.

So I kept doing it. Breathing in deeply, and slowly exhaling until I found myself sinking into the water until it reached my ears. And repeat.

Fascinated by the effect of breathing in the water, I slowly realised how simply we can apply this in our lives.

Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in the chaos that life throws at us. Because of this, we tend to only take on tasks we think we can handle. Little breaths of this and that. Little breaths of relationships. Little breaths of prayer. Little breaths of risks. Little breaths of God. I get it, life is hard. But at some point, even while only taking these little breaths of life, we still end up drowning.

Sometimes we need to be a little braver, and take in life as big breath of air, despite our fears and reservations. Because it is in our life giving relationships, prayer and risks, where we will find Him to help us stay afloat.

This is the air I breathe. Your holy presence living in me.

Dog paddling – M.


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